Painting Your Home with a Brush


Why many of the home painters usually like to paint a home with the use of their paintbrush? What are the reasons that we might need to understand why applying brush to house is more considerable than any tools in painting? Yes, paintbrush is one of the most important and main tools in painting your interior and exterior of your home.

Home Painter’s Reasons Why They like Using a Paintbrush:

  • Using a paintbrush can help you determine easily some problems of a wall surface you are painting. The paint sprayer cannot help for complex areas unlike with the paintbrush that is perfect for those knots and cracks where you need an extra daub of paint.
  • Paint-spraying requires maximum tarping, not just directly below the surface but well beyond. Every single thing that will not be painted must be covered. With manual brushing, very little needs to be covered: the area below; critical areas like trim or windows which your brush might accidentally hit; and yourself.
  • One of the best things of painting your home exterior has nothing to do with the finish paint itself. If you have the paintbrush in your painting project, it will definitely easy for you to control everything, especially of getting up close and personal with your house’s skin or surface. When painting by hand, you must need to take some prep work like patching, sealing and any solutions to make the surface even.
  • When doing the spray paint, most of the home painters need to take a complete masking and tarps. It is so different when you are applying paint on hands. You only need to put on your old pair of jeans and shirt, pop open the can, and you can start your project.
  • Paint-spraying is not a here-and-there project. But when you paint by hand, you can do 30 minutes here, 40 minutes there. Your only obstacle is cleaning up the brush.

There are still lots of tips for manually painting whether you are painting the large or the small part of your exterior. To learn more about it, consult the painting contractors Fort Worth of Southern Painting that can provide you as well the kind of service you need for you project whenever you need a professional team.

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Techniques to Make an Easy Interior Paint Job

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One of the best techniques in painting your home fast is to convince some of your acquaintances to help you. You will take few days or weeks before you get finish with your home interior design and painting project if you will just work with it alone. But if you are already a skilled person in painting, you have the correct supplies and an accurate work; it is surely that you will be able to meet the required time to finish it or lessen the days of work.

What are the simple ways that some painters also do when they are performing a fast painting job? Before painting, you need to measure first the square footage of the walls you need to paint. Take the measurements to the paint store and check the labels on the paint cans. You need to find out the correct computation of cans that will be needed in painting your interior.

After you find the amount of paint needed, it is the time to prepare for the materials and tools you need in painting. Before you start, make sure that you will slosh your brush into a certain solvent you will be using to clean the brush and to avoid dirt that can be covered to the wall you are going to paint. You can use synthetic paint brushes and rollers. Avoid natural bristles, whish become limp and slow you down.

Move all the furniture before you start and cover the floors with drop clothes. Remove all outlets and switch covers. Wash down your walls with a mild grease cleaning solution and warm water to make the surface clean. It is also possible to sand the walls and wipe away any dirt. After cleaning the surface, you can now start applying the primer paint. Don’t forget to attach painter’s tape to the edges of the ceiling, baseboards, and any other edges not being painted.

In painting, you need to paint the ceiling first down to the lowest part of the area you will cover. Leave the ceiling and walls to dry. After painting, you must need to clean the brush and roller before moving onto each room. After you finish the other room, make sure that you will inspect the paint, if it is needed to have an additional coat to make your interior looks perfect.

To meet the desire interior paint you want for your project, consult Fort Worth painting contractors of Southern Painting, one of the top leading company that has been proven by many homeowners in the entire region.

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Skilled Painters You Need for your Home Project

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If you will just watch some of the home painters’ work, you may definitely say that they are very easy. Most of us can do an easy job of painting a room or even just the small portion of it. But professionals can do it perfectly. Some people are just wondering about the techniques do painters do every time that their magical hands touch their brushes or materials for painting and start to paint.

If you are doing home projects such as renovating and do some paintings, make sure that you will find or hire contractors or painters that are really professional, resourceful, and very competent. In this case you can definitely make your project painted properly and efficiently. If you will hire skilled painters, it is greatly sure that you are doing a task that can save you money.

What are the possible pointers you must consider when you are seeking for great painters?

  1. When you are hiring a house painter, always make sure that they are competent or capable of doing a good job.
  2. Highly experienced of job is necessary. A more experienced person is usually the one who is capable of doing the perfect job and meet the requirements needed. Remember a good painter is as good as the last job he had.
  3. A good painter has good reputation. It the painter you hire has good technical skills; it means that he is the one you can trust and rely on. You can check their website to determine their reputation in painting.
  4. It is good to hire a house painter that is fully insured. Accidents can be happened anytime.
  5. You must hire someone that has full identification. How can you trust someone, if you don’t even know some of his background, especially his full name, address and his company?

These are just some of the qualities you might be needed to a house painter for your project. To look for competent Fort Worth painters, trust Southern Painting, a company that can give you the full satisfaction you need for your cozy space. Please call us at (817) 732-0055 or you can visit our website to fill out our contact form if you prefer online. Let’s start to put on the idealistic glow of your home! Call now!

How to Keep Your Deck Looking New

Decks are great for everything from barbecue events to romantic dinner dates, and they’re also a cozy place to hang out on when you just want to enjoy a relaxing afternoon alone or a quiet evening with friends and family.


However, because decks are continuously exposed to the elements and receive a lot of foot traffic, they get damaged and deteriorate quickly. It’s a good thing that at the very outset, deck builders working on new projects work hand-in-hand with Fort Worth painting contractors to determine the best way to preserve the good condition of the decks being built. Properly staining a newly built deck or restoring a weathered one ensures that the property owner will be able to enjoy the structure for a long time.

Aside from hiring professionals to re-stain your deck, there are other things you can do to protect it and keep it looking new for many months.

Regularly sweep dirt and litter.  This is probably a no-brainer tip, but following this simple rule is essential to keeping your deck spotless. Letting dirt and debris accumulate on your deck does not only make it dirty, this can also tarnish the wood. In particular, fallen leaves and branches may contain tannins, which can discolor the wood. Organic matters like these can also promote the growth of mold.

Use pot saucers.  If you have potted plants on your deck, make sure to use pot saucers to prevent dirt and moisture from collecting underneath the pots.

Use grill mats.  If you grill food on your deck, make sure to use grill mats to protect your deck from grease splashes, which can seriously stain unprotected wooden surfaces. Look for grill mats with raised or protruding patterns which will keep liquids and grease between the grooves so your shoes can stay clean as you move around the grill.

Get rid of snow.  Here in Texas, we don’t have to concern ourselves about snow. However, if you own another property in a place where it snows, then this tip is worth remembering. Note that you can easily sweep away light snow cover with a broom. If the snow cover is quite deep, you can shovel off the snow, but make sure to use a shovel with a plastic blade because metal ones can easily gouge the surface of your deck. Nevertheless, use the shovel gently.

Don’t forget about your deck furniture.  Your deck furniture will dry faster after a rainfall if they are tilted on the side to let the water runoff. If you can, take the furniture from your deck and let them dry elsewhere. Also keep your deck umbrellas closed and put furniture cushions in storage when not in use.

Observe proper maintenance.  Decks need professional cleaning and treatment once every couple of years. Trusted Fort Worth painting contractors like Southern Painting can professionally power wash, sand, condition, and stain wooden decks to bring them back to tip-top condition.

Observing these simple tips can contribute a great deal to the preservation of your deck. These outdoor structures can be costly, but the enjoyment they bring is truly priceless.   Following these steps can help extend the life of your deck.

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Selecting a Painting Contractor for Your Home Makeover

So you’ve decided it’s finally time to give your home a good makeover? Before you run around deciding which furniture to toss out on the lawn, take a look at these tips when it comes to choosing a contractor to paint your house. When you select a painting contractor, you should proceed with your plans using a little bit of sensible caution.


Visit the contractor’s website and/or place of business. Most businesses are online these days and painters are no exception. This can provide you with plenty of useful information about any potential painter you are looking at. While it is the information they want you to know, it is useful to help you understand what services the contractor provides and how long their business has been operating. Their website and place of business can also help to show you their level of professionalism.

Learn to spot dodgy painting contractors. When your painting contractor wants to be paid in cash only, has a cell phone but no office phone and doesn’t have a business address – these are real red flags. An established painting contractor acts like any other business, with a stable business address, business cards and accepting other forms of payment such as checks. Be very cautious if a painting contractor offers some sort of special discount “for families” or “for seniors” when paid by cash – and they demand advance payment. Look at these as bright red flags.

Check with the Better Business Bureau. Once you locate a painting contractor it is a very good idea to contact your local Better Business Bureau. Ask if there have been any complaints made about the painting contractor in question and whether they have any further information that may help you. The painting contractor could be a member of the Better Business Bureau and if so they will tell you what year the contractor’s membership began. The Better Business Bureau offers this as a free service and you can call with any company you’d like information about.

Confirm that the contractor has appropriate insurance. Every legitimate painting contractor should have the proper insurance (this will vary from state to state and county to county). This information will probably be listed on their business card, along with their license number, so if you wanted to call and confirm that their business license is active, you can do so. A contractor without proper insurance is a big red flag – and you should find a new contractor as quickly as possible. If no information is provided about insurance, ask the contractor immediately if they have the proper insurance they need by law.

Ask for a solid estimate of how long the job is going to take. Many people will likely think about doing this anyway as they start looking for painting contractors – but it is useful to gauge their responses. It is better to work with a painting contractor who informs you that the job will take a slightly longer if they explain why (it needs more manpower, extra time, etc.). This is preferable to someone who promises that the job will be done in 7 days and then still hasn’t finished a month later. Request in writing, confirmation that the job will be complete within a set time frame – most painting contractors will be happy to comply.


Ask for job references from the painting contractor. This is a crucial step that many homeowners seem to pay no attention to. Acquiring references is very important if you are thinking of hiring a contractor to work on your home. Contact each reference provided to you and ask them about their experiences working with the contractor. You’ll gain valuable information you couldn’t get anywhere else. This alone can help you make a wise decision when it comes to selecting the best painting contractor for your home renovation project.

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