Techniques to Make an Easy Interior Paint Job

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One of the best techniques in painting your home fast is to convince some of your acquaintances to help you. You will take few days or weeks before you get finish with your home interior design and painting project if you will just work with it alone. But if you are already a skilled person in painting, you have the correct supplies and an accurate work; it is surely that you will be able to meet the required time to finish it or lessen the days of work.

What are the simple ways that some painters also do when they are performing a fast painting job? Before painting, you need to measure first the square footage of the walls you need to paint. Take the measurements to the paint store and check the labels on the paint cans. You need to find out the correct computation of cans that will be needed in painting your interior.

After you find the amount of paint needed, it is the time to prepare for the materials and tools you need in painting. Before you start, make sure that you will slosh your brush into a certain solvent you will be using to clean the brush and to avoid dirt that can be covered to the wall you are going to paint. You can use synthetic paint brushes and rollers. Avoid natural bristles, whish become limp and slow you down.

Move all the furniture before you start and cover the floors with drop clothes. Remove all outlets and switch covers. Wash down your walls with a mild grease cleaning solution and warm water to make the surface clean. It is also possible to sand the walls and wipe away any dirt. After cleaning the surface, you can now start applying the primer paint. Don’t forget to attach painter’s tape to the edges of the ceiling, baseboards, and any other edges not being painted.

In painting, you need to paint the ceiling first down to the lowest part of the area you will cover. Leave the ceiling and walls to dry. After painting, you must need to clean the brush and roller before moving onto each room. After you finish the other room, make sure that you will inspect the paint, if it is needed to have an additional coat to make your interior looks perfect.

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