How to Keep Your Deck Looking New

Decks are great for everything from barbecue events to romantic dinner dates, and they’re also a cozy place to hang out on when you just want to enjoy a relaxing afternoon alone or a quiet evening with friends and family.


However, because decks are continuously exposed to the elements and receive a lot of foot traffic, they get damaged and deteriorate quickly. It’s a good thing that at the very outset, deck builders working on new projects work hand-in-hand with Fort Worth painting contractors to determine the best way to preserve the good condition of the decks being built. Properly staining a newly built deck or restoring a weathered one ensures that the property owner will be able to enjoy the structure for a long time.

Aside from hiring professionals to re-stain your deck, there are other things you can do to protect it and keep it looking new for many months.

Regularly sweep dirt and litter.  This is probably a no-brainer tip, but following this simple rule is essential to keeping your deck spotless. Letting dirt and debris accumulate on your deck does not only make it dirty, this can also tarnish the wood. In particular, fallen leaves and branches may contain tannins, which can discolor the wood. Organic matters like these can also promote the growth of mold.

Use pot saucers.  If you have potted plants on your deck, make sure to use pot saucers to prevent dirt and moisture from collecting underneath the pots.

Use grill mats.  If you grill food on your deck, make sure to use grill mats to protect your deck from grease splashes, which can seriously stain unprotected wooden surfaces. Look for grill mats with raised or protruding patterns which will keep liquids and grease between the grooves so your shoes can stay clean as you move around the grill.

Get rid of snow.  Here in Texas, we don’t have to concern ourselves about snow. However, if you own another property in a place where it snows, then this tip is worth remembering. Note that you can easily sweep away light snow cover with a broom. If the snow cover is quite deep, you can shovel off the snow, but make sure to use a shovel with a plastic blade because metal ones can easily gouge the surface of your deck. Nevertheless, use the shovel gently.

Don’t forget about your deck furniture.  Your deck furniture will dry faster after a rainfall if they are tilted on the side to let the water runoff. If you can, take the furniture from your deck and let them dry elsewhere. Also keep your deck umbrellas closed and put furniture cushions in storage when not in use.

Observe proper maintenance.  Decks need professional cleaning and treatment once every couple of years. Trusted Fort Worth painting contractors like Southern Painting can professionally power wash, sand, condition, and stain wooden decks to bring them back to tip-top condition.

Observing these simple tips can contribute a great deal to the preservation of your deck. These outdoor structures can be costly, but the enjoyment they bring is truly priceless.   Following these steps can help extend the life of your deck.

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