Gaining the Color of Your Living Room

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One of the most interesting parts of your home interior decoration is the additional paint of your living room. But not all homeowners have a chance to take the opportunity to design their living room by themselves. However, in designing or adding effective glow to your interior, especially to your living room can be cost effective and you don’t have to spend a lot of either to get a nice remodeling for your existing space or to install a new one.

What are the tips and ways to have an additional color to your living room?

  • Coating one wall can add a real punch of glow to your living room. If your room has a niche, that is going to be the perfect choice for a spare color. You can pick a bold, contrasting color form floral fabric or try to coat some cool colors.
  • You can also add some throw pillows that are suitable to the color you paint on your wall. Whether you choose solids for a floral sofa or chair, or colorful, patterned pillows for a solid color chair or sofa, these simple additions will add comfort and just the right splash of color.
  • You can add green plants or flower vase, especially if you a bigger space. In a small living room, just choose green plants that are not too big or maybe flowering plants that you can place in a center table or shelf.
  • You can add the color of your living room furniture that is darker than your walls to create a great impact. Most of the living room cabinetry or shelves usually suit the colors to its walls. So, be sure that you will choose the great color combination. For bookshelf, you can also paint the back of it to make the items on it pop out and look important.
  • You can add electrical components, such as whimsical lamps.
  • You can also add some colors to your floor, such as placing colorful throw rug or carpets. It is also possible to coat it, especially if you have hardwood floorings.

These are some of the ideas of gaining the glow of your living room. Most of the professional painters are very familiar in various designs of a living room. So if you want to make your existing living room more delightful, consult the painting contractors Houston branch of Southern Painting. We can offer diverse services for your interior and exterior color of your home.

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Painting Contractors Estimating Process

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If you have been experiencing to watch a painter painting a wall, you may seem that is easy to apply paints but in reality it is difficult to make the painting job perfect and effective. If you will do it yourself, there is no assurance that you can paint it without any troubles to make. But if you will find a professional painter, you are more likely solved the most difficult mathematical problem. Your home can be more attractive and delightful with paints. It reflects the personality and desire of a homeowner. But how you can find reliable and trusted contractors? How can you be so sure that the estimation are in proper ways and correct?

A cost estimate of a project or an operation is very crucial because we are talking about the cost of a job. The cost estimate is the product of the cost estimating process. If you will estimate something incorrect, you are probably making a risky decision for the future expenses of your project. If you can have an accurate, credible, and reliable cost estimate, you are avoiding a serious problem like cost overrun. It is better to understand what goes into estimating process.

How do contractors estimate the upcoming home painting projects or jobs?

  • As a contractor, you must look at the job site and make note of the basic factors that resolve the project whether it is a quick or a long kind of job. You must observe its outdoor obstructions, indoors built in fixtures, the high and the length of the wall, its ceiling, and the surface textures of the wall.
  • After observing or examining the place, you must get an accurate assessment of the amount of paint needed by getting the total square footage you will be painting. A professional contractor knows the right formula in solving the amount of paint needed.
  • Estimate the other items’ cost such as paintbrush, masks, paper, booties, cleaning supplies, painter’s tape, and any other disposable items that you need while painting.
  • Add the various time factors up to determine more or less how long the job is and multiply the times of your hourly rate. This is your base price for labor. You can also add the cost of your overhead if you are running a full time business.
  • It is important to know the market rates in painting in the area and the client base. It will take time for a professional to determine the rates that are applicable but it is necessary to prevent serious problems at the end.

If you are looking for a reliable and accurate Houston painting contractors estimating process, Southern Painting is the right choice. We can also offer different services and can give you the full satisfaction we usually give to our valued clients. Just call us at (713) 594-5862 and we will give you the service you need.

Trusty Houston Painters

Do you already have an amazing interior and exterior home style? Are you living in the Houston area and having trouble to find the right glow of your house? Did you already try to find skilled Houston painters? It is said that having an attractive design and colors of a home can make you feel comfortable and can drastically ease the pressure of your space. You can say your home is likely perfect heavenly kingdom for your family, if you use the right paint you desire. But how can be so possible to achieve the perfect house color and design you are longing for?

To improve the specific design of your house, you have to think of suitable colors in each room. Some people seem to ask more frequent to the experts or professional house painters to prevent paint errors or problems.

House painters work with a variety of painting materials, applying paint and other finishes to the exterior and interior surfaces of houses. They can work for private companies or they can be self-employed. This job doesn’t require any educational background however other companies may require even just a high school diploma for subcontractor applicants.

To look for pleasing and satisfying services for your house, you should find a skilled painter with a good painting ability. Make sure that they know their different duties which vary based on whether or not they are self-employed. They should know about how to coordinate well to their customers regarding their painting need. They must be good at developing a timeline or schedule for their customer regarding time consuming of their service. They must also be proficient in applying a decorous combination of colors, using different tools and materials in painting and can work neatly.

There are many companies or professional painters around the Houston area with excellent service. One of the top painting companies in the area is Southern Painting. They can guarantee to give you a total customer satisfaction. They will never fail your trust to give you the upside of desired glow of your house.

Feel the pleasant painting experience by the excellent work of Houston painters of Southern Painting. They are just waiting for you. Call today!

House Painting Houston: Finding Recommendations For Your Household Painting Project

House painting in Houston requires no demands careful research from you. Recommendations are a fundamental part of the entire process of choosing a Houston painting contractors. Houston has numerous fly by night painting companies. Many of which are unlicensed and/or do really poor work. Getting recommendations is paramount to success also it should not be considered a difficult process. You should check with buddies, family, and neighbors. In some instances, active real estate agents in your town might have painting companies they’ve labored with previously. In Houston a great source for recommendations may be the local fresh paint shop or hardware store. These men see house artists all day long and could possess some insight.


Nowadays the web rules. You will find plenty of review sites available for painting companies and all sorts of other trades for your matter. You may also see reviews in the search engines local. Whenever you look for say “Houston Painting Contractor” in the search engines you will see the map of Houston and all sorts of local artists. For the reason that listing you will see “reviews”. Check individuals out.

So now you must a listing of recommendations you have to contact. What in the event you request them? Here are several we’d recommend.

1. What did they are doing for you personally?

Painting the inside of the home is very different than your exterior. Make certain the job which was done carefully matches what you are getting done.

2. Can you ever permit this to house painter within your house again?

While you pay attention to the reaction to this, bear in mind that everybody translates a scenario in a different way. When the fact is no, search in a bit and discover why. Make certain it’s a very good reason. You may also question the painter later concerning the situation. Most likely the homeowner only agreed to be a genuine bugger!

3. Ask them to rank how happy these were using the task finished.

Everybody has different amounts of acceptance. One individual might be perfectly fine having a house painting project, however when your perception it may seem completely unacceptable. When you get an answer of “ah very good”, you might want to visit and take a look on your own. Take a look in the cut-in deal with the home windows. How good the cut-in looks is a big indicator of quality.

4. Did the painting contractor cover the flooring, furniture, etc.?

Make certain the painting contractor covers and safeguards everything, such as the floor. Within your house that could mean moving furniture right into a convenient location so it can be protected. For exterior painting make certain the front yard, pathways, bushes, and cars are safe. It can’t be an awful idea to prevent with a job that’s happening to discover for you just how much care is taken.

5. Request when the employees were respectful.

Getting someone on your property and into your house is demanding enough when you are disrespectful is asking a significant amount of. When the reaction to this is negative, leave and search for another painting contractor. Getting an uncourteous painter within your house not just causes you stress however that stress means friction between your painters. Once that occurs a myriad of things will go wrong. The painter may become lazy or sloppy thus creating a really bad situation you’ll arrived at regret.

6. Did the painting contractor provide a written warranty and did make use of it?

Request when the warranty they received is at writing and just how lengthy the time from the warranty was for. Naturally, the more the greater. You certainly wish to have the ability to return to the contractor with in case something goes completely wrong using the work completed. Remember – have it on paper!

These are the key questions you need to request clients of Houston painting contractors and for your matter anywhere. Research your options, know precisely who you are employing, and you ought to be moving toward getting an excellent relationship together with your painting contractor. To learn more about painting contractors visit

Selecting a Painting Contractor for Your Home Makeover

So you’ve decided it’s finally time to give your home a good makeover? Before you run around deciding which furniture to toss out on the lawn, take a look at these tips when it comes to choosing a contractor to paint your house. When you select a painting contractor, you should proceed with your plans using a little bit of sensible caution.


Visit the contractor’s website and/or place of business. Most businesses are online these days and painters are no exception. This can provide you with plenty of useful information about any potential painter you are looking at. While it is the information they want you to know, it is useful to help you understand what services the contractor provides and how long their business has been operating. Their website and place of business can also help to show you their level of professionalism.

Learn to spot dodgy painting contractors. When your painting contractor wants to be paid in cash only, has a cell phone but no office phone and doesn’t have a business address – these are real red flags. An established painting contractor acts like any other business, with a stable business address, business cards and accepting other forms of payment such as checks. Be very cautious if a painting contractor offers some sort of special discount “for families” or “for seniors” when paid by cash – and they demand advance payment. Look at these as bright red flags.

Check with the Better Business Bureau. Once you locate a painting contractor it is a very good idea to contact your local Better Business Bureau. Ask if there have been any complaints made about the painting contractor in question and whether they have any further information that may help you. The painting contractor could be a member of the Better Business Bureau and if so they will tell you what year the contractor’s membership began. The Better Business Bureau offers this as a free service and you can call with any company you’d like information about.

Confirm that the contractor has appropriate insurance. Every legitimate painting contractor should have the proper insurance (this will vary from state to state and county to county). This information will probably be listed on their business card, along with their license number, so if you wanted to call and confirm that their business license is active, you can do so. A contractor without proper insurance is a big red flag – and you should find a new contractor as quickly as possible. If no information is provided about insurance, ask the contractor immediately if they have the proper insurance they need by law.

Ask for a solid estimate of how long the job is going to take. Many people will likely think about doing this anyway as they start looking for painting contractors – but it is useful to gauge their responses. It is better to work with a painting contractor who informs you that the job will take a slightly longer if they explain why (it needs more manpower, extra time, etc.). This is preferable to someone who promises that the job will be done in 7 days and then still hasn’t finished a month later. Request in writing, confirmation that the job will be complete within a set time frame – most painting contractors will be happy to comply.


Ask for job references from the painting contractor. This is a crucial step that many homeowners seem to pay no attention to. Acquiring references is very important if you are thinking of hiring a contractor to work on your home. Contact each reference provided to you and ask them about their experiences working with the contractor. You’ll gain valuable information you couldn’t get anywhere else. This alone can help you make a wise decision when it comes to selecting the best painting contractor for your home renovation project.

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