How to Paint a Brick Wall?


There are so many kinds of walls that are easy coat with paints and there are some walls that are difficult to apply with. Most of the homeowners nowadays don’t like to apply the kind of walls that are difficult to paint, especially if you DIY project. One of the difficult painting jobs is like painting a brick wall. Painting brick is a questionable subject. For some reason people hate to cover up natural brick with paint, but let’s face the fact, if the brick surface is ugly, painting it will make it look a whole lot better. Most of the parts of our home with brick walls are the fireplaces.

What are the possible things we can do in order to color a brick wall properly? To those people who are brave enough to try it, here’s how:

  • The first thing to do is to prepare the brick. Go around the surface with some sandpaper to remove any loose bits of mortar. Scrape all any loose paint as well, especially if the wall has been painted before. You need to scrub it with soap and water. After you rinse it, let it dry and then vacuum I once more just to be sure you totally cleaned it.
  • Most of the paint manufacturers make primers and paint for just about every surface you can imagine, including brick, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the right product. Latex is commonly good for brick because brick is so porous, so that’s probably what they’ll recommend.You can use a roller or a large paintbrush, but if you use a roller you’ll want one with a fairly thick nap. You should also have a brush on hand to make sure you get all the grout painted.
  • After drying the primer, use a good quality acrylic latex paint for the topcoat. Plan to apply at least two coats, and possibly even more if the fireplace is used frequently. Latex paint needs a couple of weeks to fully cure and you don’t want to leave any marks or indentations.

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Painting your Roof with White


Do you think you can save more dollars of painting your roof with white? It is said that painting your roof with a white color can be inexpensive and consider has many benefits.

If you will paint your roof with white, less heat is absorbed by the house because white reflects heat. Yes, it is just like light bulbs. Painting roofs white or other light color would help to reduce global warming by reflecting sunlight back into the space, that you roof can be consider as a natural anti-warming device, while also reducing your energy costs by keeping your house cool in the summer. They also reduce cloudiness, allowing mores sunlight to reach the ground. The positive effect of white roofs in the summer would be offset by a negative effect in the winter.

If painting white has lots of benefits, how about the ways in applying it? What are the ways you need to do in order to have a good output for your roof painting project with white? What are the things you need to be considered first before you start painting?

  • Considering the type of the roof can be very important in a painting roof job to prevent failures in case you apply the wrong type of paint.
  • In painting, we usually consider the length and the width of the space you are going to paint. As you will see in a moment that roof paint is blindingly pricey. And it typically comes only by mail-order. Most of the painters nowadays, instead of using a square footage, roofer uses a term squares. A square equals one hundred square feet. We usually need to know how big the roof is to get the amount of paint needed.
  • Be careful in a kind or type of paint you will apply. Make sure that you will buy the right paint to be coated in order to avoid painting the wrong type of paint. In this case it is possible to buy a new paint and repaint your roof that can cause you to spend more dollars.
  • Making or calculating the right budgets for your project to avoid making your wallet empty although painting is the cheapest renovating process; you still need to consider right budgeting to drop down your project expenses.

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