How to Paint a Brick Wall?


There are so many kinds of walls that are easy coat with paints and there are some walls that are difficult to apply with. Most of the homeowners nowadays don’t like to apply the kind of walls that are difficult to paint, especially if you DIY project. One of the difficult painting jobs is like painting a brick wall. Painting brick is a questionable subject. For some reason people hate to cover up natural brick with paint, but let’s face the fact, if the brick surface is ugly, painting it will make it look a whole lot better. Most of the parts of our home with brick walls are the fireplaces.

What are the possible things we can do in order to color a brick wall properly? To those people who are brave enough to try it, here’s how:

  • The first thing to do is to prepare the brick. Go around the surface with some sandpaper to remove any loose bits of mortar. Scrape all any loose paint as well, especially if the wall has been painted before. You need to scrub it with soap and water. After you rinse it, let it dry and then vacuum I once more just to be sure you totally cleaned it.
  • Most of the paint manufacturers make primers and paint for just about every surface you can imagine, including brick, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the right product. Latex is commonly good for brick because brick is so porous, so that’s probably what they’ll recommend.You can use a roller or a large paintbrush, but if you use a roller you’ll want one with a fairly thick nap. You should also have a brush on hand to make sure you get all the grout painted.
  • After drying the primer, use a good quality acrylic latex paint for the topcoat. Plan to apply at least two coats, and possibly even more if the fireplace is used frequently. Latex paint needs a couple of weeks to fully cure and you don’t want to leave any marks or indentations.

If you think you cannot do it yourself, don’t dare to try it, call a service from the skilled Houston painters of Southern Painting that can definitely provide you the perfect painting result of your project.

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Painting your Roof with White


Do you think you can save more dollars of painting your roof with white? It is said that painting your roof with a white color can be inexpensive and consider has many benefits.

If you will paint your roof with white, less heat is absorbed by the house because white reflects heat. Yes, it is just like light bulbs. Painting roofs white or other light color would help to reduce global warming by reflecting sunlight back into the space, that you roof can be consider as a natural anti-warming device, while also reducing your energy costs by keeping your house cool in the summer. They also reduce cloudiness, allowing mores sunlight to reach the ground. The positive effect of white roofs in the summer would be offset by a negative effect in the winter.

If painting white has lots of benefits, how about the ways in applying it? What are the ways you need to do in order to have a good output for your roof painting project with white? What are the things you need to be considered first before you start painting?

  • Considering the type of the roof can be very important in a painting roof job to prevent failures in case you apply the wrong type of paint.
  • In painting, we usually consider the length and the width of the space you are going to paint. As you will see in a moment that roof paint is blindingly pricey. And it typically comes only by mail-order. Most of the painters nowadays, instead of using a square footage, roofer uses a term squares. A square equals one hundred square feet. We usually need to know how big the roof is to get the amount of paint needed.
  • Be careful in a kind or type of paint you will apply. Make sure that you will buy the right paint to be coated in order to avoid painting the wrong type of paint. In this case it is possible to buy a new paint and repaint your roof that can cause you to spend more dollars.
  • Making or calculating the right budgets for your project to avoid making your wallet empty although painting is the cheapest renovating process; you still need to consider right budgeting to drop down your project expenses.

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Clues or Signs of Choosing the Wrong Paint Color


It is good to wake up every day to be with your family, without any problems, and of course making your day with a good vibes because of the perfect glow  and interior design that you can see all over around your house. You can feel overwhelming and positive attitude towards your day and feel like there’s always hope. So, choosing the right color of your interior and even the exterior of your home can give great impact to your every day attitude and routines.

So what if you coated your home with a wrong paint color that you never expected that can give so many troubles. What are the things you can be considered or the possible result when you painted the wrong one? Of course, if that is not suitable, it is not fitted as well with the accessories and furniture of your home. Here are the signs you may encounter if you chose the wrong color.

  • When you are inside you room with a wrong glow that you don’t probably like, you will feel so terrible and irritating. Color can reflect each people’s appearance that walks in the room.
  • Turning on more lights in a room can make the interior color darker than you had in past. An interior that is too dark not only affects the light but can also make it feel smaller. You must need to paint lighter one if don’t like a smaller appearance of your space. Repaint the existing darker into a light one, it not too late to change the color of your home and make sure it will not give any trouble at the end.
  • When the color you chose hits all the right factors in matching the home décor, and bringing powerful energy to the space, it is great. You will just know the wrong choice if the color is too bright when you find yourself dimming the lights. Remember, you can feel the great color if during the day your complexion favor rooms of the house even night time.
  • The lighter the surface, the more likely to reflect an unwanted undertone. You may notice that you choose the wrong color if it can give a green or gray cast to white cabinets, making them suddenly out of place or not suitable to its place.

To prevent all of these problems, use large sampling boards to test your paint against the cabinets and flooring. Make sure also that your complexion results favor the color and even your attitude towards the glow of your home.

To look for paint color experts in this kind of issues, better to consult painters Dallas branch of Southern Painting. Get in touch with us now to know the various effective services we offer that can give positive results of your interior and exterior. Contact us now!


Importance of Hiring Home Painters and Contractors


Some homeowners mostly like to do their home projects themselves than to hire licensed experts. They don’t even care sometimes what would be the possible outcome of their painting task. They usually consider that this kind of work is the easiest thing to do in a home remodeling, but they don’t even know that they just sometimes put some mess and problem on it if they are not sure to the project they are doing.

Why do you think it is better to call a service than to do it yourself? Because contractor and home painters arte already professionals in this kind of field. There is an assurance that you will not get into any troubles once they are the one who touched the surface of your walls, ceiling, roof, and furniture. A paint contractor will probably do various duties and responsibilities to make their work perfectly accepted to their clients.

  • Accept liability. Remember that professional painter who is licensed and insured will accept the liability for personal injury and damage so you do not have to worry about. Just hire a licensed contractor to make everything perfect and in order.
  • They know what to do first before starting the painting project. Homeowners usually take the part of covering the space and even their belongings to be safe from the paint stains. Sometimes they are not covering it well that is why contractors usually repeat it. Contractors know the parts what to cover.
  • Licensed contractors already have the materials and tools you need in painting, so you don’t need to purchase different tools your contractor will use.
  • These contractors are very knowledgeable in a part where to put paints to a non-paintable section or area. They can cut-in with ease and still make the paint look like it had been masked.
  • Contractors usually paint your house fast without traffic on their work. Some of the painting companies commonly send out workers three, four, five or more painters to make the work fast while the climate is still good.

These are the other reasons why people need to leave their home project to the licensed contractors or painters. If you are looking for trusted companies, it is about time to contact Austin painters of Southern Paintings that can provide skillful and expertise to provide the right interior and exterior of your home.

Painting Your Home with a Brush


Why many of the home painters usually like to paint a home with the use of their paintbrush? What are the reasons that we might need to understand why applying brush to house is more considerable than any tools in painting? Yes, paintbrush is one of the most important and main tools in painting your interior and exterior of your home.

Home Painter’s Reasons Why They like Using a Paintbrush:

  • Using a paintbrush can help you determine easily some problems of a wall surface you are painting. The paint sprayer cannot help for complex areas unlike with the paintbrush that is perfect for those knots and cracks where you need an extra daub of paint.
  • Paint-spraying requires maximum tarping, not just directly below the surface but well beyond. Every single thing that will not be painted must be covered. With manual brushing, very little needs to be covered: the area below; critical areas like trim or windows which your brush might accidentally hit; and yourself.
  • One of the best things of painting your home exterior has nothing to do with the finish paint itself. If you have the paintbrush in your painting project, it will definitely easy for you to control everything, especially of getting up close and personal with your house’s skin or surface. When painting by hand, you must need to take some prep work like patching, sealing and any solutions to make the surface even.
  • When doing the spray paint, most of the home painters need to take a complete masking and tarps. It is so different when you are applying paint on hands. You only need to put on your old pair of jeans and shirt, pop open the can, and you can start your project.
  • Paint-spraying is not a here-and-there project. But when you paint by hand, you can do 30 minutes here, 40 minutes there. Your only obstacle is cleaning up the brush.

There are still lots of tips for manually painting whether you are painting the large or the small part of your exterior. To learn more about it, consult the painting contractors Fort Worth of Southern Painting that can provide you as well the kind of service you need for you project whenever you need a professional team.

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Gaining the Color of Your Living Room

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One of the most interesting parts of your home interior decoration is the additional paint of your living room. But not all homeowners have a chance to take the opportunity to design their living room by themselves. However, in designing or adding effective glow to your interior, especially to your living room can be cost effective and you don’t have to spend a lot of either to get a nice remodeling for your existing space or to install a new one.

What are the tips and ways to have an additional color to your living room?

  • Coating one wall can add a real punch of glow to your living room. If your room has a niche, that is going to be the perfect choice for a spare color. You can pick a bold, contrasting color form floral fabric or try to coat some cool colors.
  • You can also add some throw pillows that are suitable to the color you paint on your wall. Whether you choose solids for a floral sofa or chair, or colorful, patterned pillows for a solid color chair or sofa, these simple additions will add comfort and just the right splash of color.
  • You can add green plants or flower vase, especially if you a bigger space. In a small living room, just choose green plants that are not too big or maybe flowering plants that you can place in a center table or shelf.
  • You can add the color of your living room furniture that is darker than your walls to create a great impact. Most of the living room cabinetry or shelves usually suit the colors to its walls. So, be sure that you will choose the great color combination. For bookshelf, you can also paint the back of it to make the items on it pop out and look important.
  • You can add electrical components, such as whimsical lamps.
  • You can also add some colors to your floor, such as placing colorful throw rug or carpets. It is also possible to coat it, especially if you have hardwood floorings.

These are some of the ideas of gaining the glow of your living room. Most of the professional painters are very familiar in various designs of a living room. So if you want to make your existing living room more delightful, consult the painting contractors Houston branch of Southern Painting. We can offer diverse services for your interior and exterior color of your home.

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Methods You Need in Room Painting

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If you will just look in someone that is painting a wall, you will probably think that the task his doing is a kind of an easy performance. Of course, this kind of activity must need to take a proper plan in order to do the task well and prevent various problems that may lead into a serious trouble and waste of money. Most of the homeowners usually call a service to provide good performances in painting. Some are just doing it by themselves to less the expenses.

In many cases nowadays, people used to learn lots of techniques in repairing or remodeling their homes, especially in home painting both the interior and the exterior part of a home. Everything is going to be easy if you already learned various methods about how to paint a wall properly for a cost effective performance. But if you really don’t know about how to paint your wall, it is the only time to call for a home painter.

Painting a room is one of the parts of home remodeling project. Whether it is a large or small room, you still need to follow important steps to make your output correctly. Here are the basic methods you need in painting a room.

The first thing should be done is to prepare your room by removing electrical cover plates on  switches, removing window hardware, protecting or removing wall lighting fixtures, removing door knobs and strike plate at the latch, covering the floor with a plastic drop cloth and even covering the other room accessories as well.

After you finished preparing, it is the time to start your painting project. Paint the ceiling first, then the walls, the baseboard trim, the door and then the door trim; lastly, finish the windows. Using primer paint is better to use first. It is very easy to follow the basic steps but still need to ensure its output if the result is more effective. But if you really can’t fix it by your own, need for to hire skilled painters.

Painters Houston of Southern Painting can probably provide you the things you need. So, you better contact us today to make your worries away. We will be glad to assist you and discuss with you your concerns.