Preventing Nail Head Rust Spots

Nail head rusting can ruin an otherwise pristine painted surface. The rust spots appear as red, brown, or orange stains on the paint surface — blemishes which can simply cover with another layer of paint because there is a tendency for them to reappear if they are not dealt with correctly.

The cause of nail head rusting is essentially the electrochemical oxidation of the metals that make up the nails. When rust sets in, it can bleed all the way through the paint layer’s surface.

This corrosion usually occurs in nails that have not been galvanized, which is the process of treating metals with a coating of zinc to prevent them from rusting. However, corrosion can also occur in galvanized nails that have gone through excessive sanding or whose protective zinc layer has simply weathered away.

Another usual cause of nail head rust spots is failure to countersink the nails. When the nails are placed in such a way that they don’t sit below the surface of the material they were driven into, the rusting can become very visible later on.

Aside from using only galvanized nails, countersinking is actually the best way to prevent rust spots from appearing. Moreover, countersunk nails should also be covered with caulk and then spot primed before being painted over with high-quality latex paint. This multi-layered approach is an effective way to the development of rust spots.

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Art is Everywhere!

Art is one of mankind’s oldest inventions. Contrary to the popular opinion that art exists only in art galleries, concert halls and museum. art is actually found everywhere. We cannot ignore its presence even if we try to because it is very much a part of our lives.


We find art in our clothes, jewelry, and accessories we wear, in the design and structure of our furniture and furnishings, in the style of the house we build as well as the vehicle we used to ride in. We find art objects in the home and in the community, in industry, in religion, and in trade. Even the style and color of houses project art. Yes, San Antonio painters create art.

The buildings you pass by on your way to school and buildings you work in are examples of architectural art. The coins you pay to the bus drivers, the religious medal you wear on a chain around your neck are some examples of relief sculpture. All of these things are part of man’s effort to lessen the dullness and tediousness of everyday living and to transform his environment into a more interesting place to live in and to pass by.

The many paintings of fruits, flowers, sunsets, animals, oceans, mountains, plains, vendors and busy streets hung for sale or hawked by vendors along equally busy streets are all art. Even the landscape on ice cream carts or on the walls of narrow downtown restaurants is considered art.

Concerts, theatrical plays, stage performances, and musical presentations are all examples of visual art. And above all these, there are movie houses everywhere. Cinema is an art form, as well, that many people enjoy in this day and age.

You can find art everywhere, all the time. It is existed long earlier than a single farm was planted, before the villages were built. If you go back in time to the prehistoric cave dwellers, you would find art as a primary part of their common lives.

Art exist in all forms of human society and in every generation because, it serves some fundamental human needs. For more information about architectural art and residential painting performed by San Antonio painters, visit