Basic Method in Painting Your Interior

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If you have not painted yet the interior of your home, because you don’t have enough budget or your just want to do it yourself; it is the now the right time to continue your plans for your interior. Painting the interior part of your home can transform your home into more comfortable, attractive and very inspiring, especially in front of your guests. They will feel envy with your project, after you had finished it. Doing it yourself is a little bit risky, especially if you are not pro. But if still have knowledge in painting as well as being creative in color blending, it can be possible to give your house a delightful glow you can never imagine.

What are the basic steps in painting the interior of your home?

  • While you are observing or examining your home, write down your ideas on color, keeping sunlight, windows, gloss, and trim in mind. Light colors suits anywhere. But dark colors required to the houses that many windows and high amount of natural lights. If you are doing for renovation because you just want to sell it, stay with neutral colors.
  • In deciding what color you want to paint, you can ask your family to know if they are also happy with the color you finalized.
  • Once you had finalized the color, estimate the amount of paint you need for your interior design of your home. To find the area of a given wall, you have to multiply the height by the width.
  • After you found out the answer of the amount of paint needed, plan the budget. It is not quite expensive to paint your home but it is still necessary to avoid cost overrun.
  • Plan the schedule of when you are going to paint. Plan also the time you are going to moved some of the furniture, wall, preparation, cut in, and the painting itself. If you move faster, that would be more probably great.
  • And now, you can start.

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