Bedroom Decoration 101: Spice Up your Bedroom

Are you getting tired of the look of your bedroom? Do you want to spice it up a little to bring back the vibrancy in your sleeping area? Here are some decoration ideas from professional painters in San Antonio.

  1. The color of your bedroom significantly affects the general mood as it is a statement of our emotions and creativity. Add life to your room with sunlit shades of wall paint or do magic by experimenting with new themes. Your choices usually reflect your personality so choose not only what would make your room look attractive, but also what would make you feel good. Try the inviting warm color scheme of red, yellow, and orange for a cheery and intimate ambiance. Meanwhile, the fresh cool colors of nature’s blue and green can add a calm and soothing effect. Finally, the classic white color can create an illusion of space.
  1. Consider lighting and furnishings. Unlike other parts of the house, lighting a room can create an atmosphere of peaceful relaxation. Besides the requisite overhead lighting, an addition of a single bedside lamp or desk light will do for other activities such as reading. Apply furniture in a bedroom to a minimum. Organize only enough furnishings to attend to your most basic bedroom activities.
  1. By unspoken rule, the bed is what defines your bedroom. It is typically positioned with its headboard propped on a wall. But if you happen to have a penchant for exclusivity and a larger room area, you can opt to arrange it otherwise. Bed coverings may range from practical blankets and bedspreads to elegant comforters, quilts and duvets. Choosing which bed coverings to use will naturally depend on weather and climate, personal comfort and preference, and of course, the budget.


These are simple but helpful tips in decorating your room. Remember to choose which you will enjoy. For more information color and painting tips from professional painters in San Antonio, visit


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