Commercial Painting Services

Painting contractors are composed of a team of highly experienced and committed individuals who utilize their skills in doing residential, commercial, and industrial painting projects. They also take advantage of the right technology and tools to deliver quality craftsmanship on time and according to customers’ requirements.


Below are the common commercial painting and reconstruction services being rendered by Austin painting contractors.

  1. Architectural PaintingThis utilizes architectural coatings that are applied on the interior and exterior of structures such as houses, apartments, and office buildings. With architectural painting, painters make use of trade-sales paints, decorative coatings, building paints, and DIY paints. Included are the semi-transparent and opaque stains for wood. These are the coatings people most commonly see, use, and apply.
  1. Protective CoatingsThis involves projects concerning coating tanks, steels, and concrete-based surfaces for added protection. Both interior and exterior surfaces are being sealed using specialized protective coatings. Some of the surfaces that require protective coatings include patios, stucco walls, sidewalks, driveways, loading docks, pavers, and more.
  1. Traffic Pavement MarkingsUsing state-of-the-art equipment and quality pavement marking materials, the installation of pavement markings is important in providing on-the-job operational quality control. The primary types of materials being utilized in this job include thermoplastic and reflectorize rubber-based traffic paint.
  1. WaterproofingWaterproofing and protective coating ensure that many various residential and commercial establishments have paints that will last almost a lifetime. Common waterproofing services involve façade, roof deck, basement walls, and other paint-related application of coatings and sealants.
  1. Concrete Structure RepairsThis involves concrete maintenance solutions such as carbon fiber retrofitting and repair services designed to address concrete cracking, spalling, and other concrete failure. Not only do painters respond to repair issues, but they also carry out detailed site investigations to determine the most appropriate solutions.


These are the common commercial painting services rendered by Austin painting contractors in residential, commercial, and industrial establishments. For more information, consult with the experts at Southern Painting or visit their website at


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